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The movie The Hangover Part III may have come out a couple of weeks ago, but do you remember the first movie when it came out in 2009? It was quite a bit ago, but for us here at Montway Auto Transport, the debut of this third film brings on some nostalgia from the first film. There were so many memorable points in that movie that it’s difficult to forget.

For one, who wants to wake up in a Vegas hotel room next to a Bengal tiger? Or carry around a random baby all day until you find out it belongs to your friend’s impromptu wife? Oops! For Montway though, our minds travel right back to that 1965 silver Mercedes 280 SE Cabriolet convertible the guys used to drive to Vegas for their friend Doug’s bachelor party.

We Were Part Of The Movie. Behind The Scene Of Course

We all know what happened to that beautiful Benz, but do you know the story behind the vehicle and how it eventually got to the movie’s set? In fact, there wasn’t just one Mercedes convertible used but three, and it was Montway Auto Transport that actually delivered to its owner one of the vehicles used in the film. That’s the thing about being an auto transport company- you usually get to deliver some pretty awesome cars that are eventually used for some pretty awesome events.

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Shipping classic cars certainly isn’t something new for us, but once in a while we get the opportunity to ship cars like the Mercedes used in The Hangover. We took a minute here to speak with Frank Cacciatore, the original owner of one of the three Cabriolets used in the movie, to get some extra details to share with you.

For starters, if you were worried about the car being completely totaled, you should worry just a bit less knowing there were three Cabriolets used and only one was wrecked. In fact, they actually used a total of five cars for the film, but two of them were coupes that were supposed to look like the vehicle. The two coupes were slated to be destroyed, but unfortunately one of the Cabriolets got wrecked in the confusion of the film making. (There’s another ‘oops!’ for you!) Thankfully for Cacciatore, his Cabriolet survived. So, how did the vehicle get to Cacciatore to eventually be used in the movie set?

Shipping the Hangover Mercedes

“Mecum Auctions actually came in and asked about the silver 280 SE Cabriolet convertible. They said they were buying it for someone as a birthday gift. It wasn’t until after they purchased the car that they told me it was going to be used in the movie The Hangover,” said Cacciatore. However, before the vehicle was even slated to be in the movie as one of the “feature cars,” Cacciatore first purchased it in Detroit.

In order to get it from Detroit to his home base in Chicago, the car needed to be shipped via an auto transport company. And who did Cacciatore use to ship the vehicle from Detroit to Chicago? None other than Montway! “Mike (the owner of Montway Auto Transport) shipped it and was very prompt in getting me the car,” stated Cacciatore.

With antique cars as a hobby, this wasn’t the first time Cacciatore shipped a car with Montway. “You know, I’ve probably shipped about 30 cars so far and once I found Montway, I stayed with Montway,” he said. In fact, Cacciatore actually shipped another 280 SE Mercedes to Jupiter, Fla. a bit after the movie and used Montway for that as well. “I think that Mike is very fair and he is the one I use when I need my cars shipped.”

There are millions of things going on behind the scenes of a movie like The Hangover and this is just one of them. Rarely do you ever think of how a classic car like this gets transported to eventually be on the set, but the truth is there are companies like Montway working hard to make sure everything runs seamlessly. And thankfully for Cacciatore, Mecum and The Hangover team, this beautiful Cabriolet was delivered promptly and gracefully. Otherwise, there may have been tons of faces like this lurking around:

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by BryanKemp
Content image courtesy of Flickr by Georg Schwalbach (GS1311)

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