The next time your car gets damaged in an accident or if it becomes too old to travel in don’t just let it settle down at your backyard junk. Yes, this is because your damaged car is also worth a lot and can fetch your some pretty bucks. There are several companies and organizations in the market who deal in these damaged and totaled cars and get you a justified amount. You may think that what purpose do this damaged cars serve? The companies buy these damaged cars and use them for various causes. Sometimes they recycle the materials, especially the aluminum, which is too costly these days, sometimes the use the non damaged spare parts in other cars when the spares are too costly or are not available in the market. Sometimes they also renovate your car totally combining the existing parts with some new parts to give it an all new look and sell it back in the market at a good price.

So, the next time your car gets damaged in an accident, you should at first look for a junk yard or an auto salvage yard that are ready to buy your vehicle for used car parts. By selling off your vehicle to a junk yard or auto salvage yard, you can make a few bucks while putting those old parts into the market for someone else to use to fix up their car. You can always find a junk yard that is ready to buy your car from the phone directory or even the internet. Many of these organizations operate online services and make it even easier for you. Once you have chosen the junk yard to sell off your damaged car, you must go through a thorough check of the car for any personal items remaining inside. The title, owner’s manual and the car keys are all that the junk yard wants. Once you hand over the keys and the yard workers go through a proper inspection of the car, you can have a price for it. A little bargaining may even fetch you a higher price.

After you sell off your car, the junk yard workers will take it apart and clear away any usable parts from it. These parts will be then sold to the needy customers in the auto market at a discount which would be far below the price of a new part. Instead of gathering dust and rust in your yard, the car would now be helpful to others who need its parts but do not want to pay the price for brand new parts for their older cars. Sometimes, these new parts are also not available in market and then the user always opts to buy a used one at a much lower price. Apart from the car parts and accessories, the materials also prove to worth a lot which are used by the car companies to recycle them and use in new cars.