Top 4 Reasons Why People are Moving to Florida

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Florida tops the list of migration destinations in the United States, with California and Texas trailing far behind. In fact, more than 318,000 people moved within the U.S. to Florida in 2022. 

Why? Its cultural diversity, endless beaches and vacation-like lifestyle are appealing to many Americans. But there’s even more to this region than you might realize.

Check out what’s motivating so many people to head south.

4 Reasons Americans are moving to Florida

  1. Warm weather

    People usually flock to The Sunshine State to escape frigid winter temperatures. Florida’s tropical climate brings plenty of rays—an average of 267 sunny days per year—and warm weather year-round. Summers can get hot and humid, but you’re never too far from a body of water to cool off. And you can’t beat average winter temperatures of 76 to 80 degrees. 
  2. Opportunities for career and salary growth across industries

    While Silicon Valley in California is often viewed as the place to go to achieve professional growth, Florida is a business-friendly state with a diverse economy. It also has the fourth strongest economy in the US, with a gross state product (GSP) of over $1 trillion.
  3. Nonstop entertainment for everyone

    Florida’s attractions support the motto “work hard, play hard.” In addition to professional opportunities, you’ll find fun and entertainment for all ages. Aside from being the theme park capital of the world—home to Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens and more—the state is an appealing destination for those who enjoy outdoor recreation, including golf, boating, fishing, swimming and hiking. You’ll find 175+ state parks and miles upon miles of shoreline.
  4. Lower taxes and cost of living

    With all these desirable characteristics, it’s assumed living there comes with a high price tag. And while living in Miami or other major coastal cities can be costly, the state has a relatively affordable cost of living. Its sales tax is 6%, and Florida is also one of nine states with no income tax, and it’s not difficult to find homes for less than the average national sales price.

Ready to move to Florida?

Whether you want to join the snowbird movement and spend the winter months there or relocate permanently, there are steps you may want to take in preparation:

  1. Make a schedule. Start from your move date and work backward to determine when tasks need to get done.
  2. Hire movers or rent a truck. Moving and truck rental companies can typically help you determine what size truck you’ll need for all your furniture and belongings. 
  3. Get rid of as much as you can. Use the move as an opportunity to purge clothing and other items you don’t use or need. This will make the move-in process easier and could even save you money with movers. 
  4. Cancel utility payments. Make sure you’re not double paying for electricity, water, etc. for your new and previous home—and find services in your new area.
  5. Arrange car shipping. If you plan to drive yourself or fly to Florida, auto transport is a good solution for getting all vehicles (cars, RVs, boats, motorcycles, etc.) to your new home.
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