Are Truckers and Rock Stars Alike?

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Did you ever think about truckers and rock stars being somewhat similar? It’s probably not a comparison one would make right away, right? One of the two is up on stage rocking out for millions of people every year living a life some may deem glamorous. On the other hand, the job of a trucker is far from glamorous, and they are on the road most days out of the year. But that is exactly where we can make a comparison. How do you think rock stars get from city to city and state to state? Sometimes they fly, but nine times out of ten they’re cruising on the road just like truckers.

In fact, the life of a rock star may not be as glamorous as you think. Let’s take a look at these two cruisin’ careers so you can see how similar they actually are.

Staying Healthy While Touring and Trucking

A lot of people have a hard enough time staying healthy when they’re living at home. Can you imagine trying to eat healthy foods when you’re on the road, though? Take a second and think about the last road trip you went on. What kinds of foods did you end up eating? Was it freshly cooked egg whites with spinach and tomatoes, or a freshly cooked Sausage and Egg Biscuit from McDonalds? The food pickings are slim on the road and you’re usually at the mercy of whatever is available to you. Which, let’s face it, is mostly fast food and greasy spoon restaurants.

Imagine that road trip you took and extend it for a few weeks- or even a couple months. Truckers in the U.S. are only allowed to drive 11 hours before they have to take a 10-hour break. On top of that, they can only drive for a total of 70 hours in eight days time, but that is still a ton of time on the road away from home-cooked meals. At the same time, rock stars are traveling from city to city and sometimes they only have a day to get there.

That means there usually isn’t time to cruise around town in the tour bus looking for good eats. To top it all off, neither can really take the time to go for a run- and after traveling for hours, they probably don’t want to. While some rock stars can afford to go all out on their tour buses, the majority of bands touring in the U.S. don’t have the money to splurge on luxurious buses. That leaves both rock stars and truckers in a tough position- usually with a hamburger in their hand!

Even Lady Antebellum has a hard time finding good eats. And even though the lead singer is now getting her own tour bus, for a while they all shared the same bus.

Would You Miss Your Comfy Bed?

It’s highly unlikely that truckers and rock stars pull off the road and check-in to a hotel every night. Can you imagine how expensive that would be? No, instead they usually just sleep on the tour bus or in their truck. If you have ever been on a tour bus- no matter the reason!- you have seen where your beloved rock stars sleep.

They sleep in little cubby-hole beds niched into the sides of the bus. If they’re traveling in a van, then they have to spend the money on a hotel every night. Depending on what kind of trucker, some of them have little sleepers in their trucks with a small bed where they can rest and take their mandatory breaks. But whether it’s a hotel bed, a tour bus bed or a truck sleeper, it is far from the comforts of home.

We’re pretty sure that both rock stars and truckers miss their own beds and have a tough time here and there sleeping in hundreds of different beds across the country. Wouldn’t you?

Limited Time With Family and Friends

As we’ve said a couple times already, both truckers and rock stars spend a ton of time on the road. For all the time spent traveling, that’s time lost with friends and family. Rock stars are away from home as they tour the country for their fans, and truckers are hauling goods all over the country. While some truckers, particularly regional truckers, get to go home each night and sleep in their own bed, the truckers that haul goods across the country don’t get to travel home each night. Sometimes they’ll be on the road for weeks before coming home. And we all know rock stars can be on the road touring for months. It’s undoubtedly difficult for both of them to be away from their loved ones for that long.

Looking at it this way, the lives of both truckers and rock stars sound complicated and unappealing. However, people in these professions do it because they love what they do. Truckers may love being out on the open road where there is little more than themselves and the landscape. Rock stars obviously love making music and performing for the fans that love them- living off that rush they get on stage.

So for both truckers and rock stars, eating healthy, sleeping in their own beds and spending time away from family are all trade-offs for doing what they truly love. And who would trade that?

Images: Courtesy of Flickr by Moyan_Brenn and Flickr by ToddMcCann.

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