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When you are shipping your car, one of the first things you want to know is when it is going to be picked up, right? As the ones transporting your vehicle, we know how important it is. However, when you first call to schedule a shipment it can be very difficult to pinpoint an exact pickup date right away. It takes time to find the right trucker for your specific location and individual needs.

Pick Up Window

For this reason, there is a “pick up window” of about 1-5 days. Here’s how it works:

1. You let us know the first date your car is available to be picked up

At Montway, we refer to this date as the “First Available Shipping Date.” It is needed in order to get your order going.

2. We start searching

Once we know when your vehicle can be picked up, we start looking for a trucker that fits your needs and is available for that date. Since we have our own fleet of trucks and enlist the services of other carriers as well, we have a large network to work with. However, some locations and orders take a bit more time to assign a trucker. That is why we ask that 1-5 days are given from your “First Available Shipping Date” as a window so that we may find the best trucker for you.

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3. A trucker is assigned

Once a trucker is assigned (also known as dispatched) to ship your car, we email you to let you know. In that email, there is an estimated pick-up date with the trucker’s phone number. The trucker has your phone number as well.

4. Day of Pick Up

On the actual day of pick up, the trucker assigned to your shipment calls you a couple of hours ahead of time to tell you what their approximate time of arrival is to pick up your vehicle. That way, you can be ready when they arrive. When they do arrive, they inspect the exterior with you and load your car onto the truck.

Once your vehicle is picked up by the trucker, you can estimate how long it will take until it is delivered by looking at the estimated transit times based on mileage. It is important to know that the transit times do not include the pickup window.

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