Glossary of Terms for the Auto Moving Industry

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Glossary of Terms for the Auto Moving Industry

Shipping your car can sometimes lead to questions about the language used by the experts. That’s why we thought it would be a great idea to help our clients stay well informed by providing a nifty glossary that can help you with common terms used in the automotive logistics industry.

Auto Delivery – The process of shipping an automobile as freight from its origin to a specific destination.

Auto Logistics – The detailed organization and implementation of a complex auto shipping operation. It applies to all methods of transporting, including rail, freight, and maritime.

Auto Moving – The process of shipping or transporting a vehicle.

Auto Shipping – The transport of an automobile, typically from the seller of a vehicle to a buyer.

Auto Transport – The process of physically moving or shipping an automobile as freight.

Auto Transport Company – A company that specializes in providing vehicle shipping, transport, and hauling services. They are professionals that are licensed and insured to ship vehicles anywhere in the nation, or to ports if the destination is abroad

Auto Transporting – The process of shipping and/or delivering a vehicle to a prescribed location

Bill of LadingDocumentation used to ensure that a company or fleet receives their vehicles for shipment.

Car Hauling – Takes into account relocation, the buying and selling of a vehicle out of state and other factors. Basically, anytime a client needs a way to ship or transport a vehicle more than a few hundred miles, a car hauling company like Montway Auto Transport can provide a cost-effective solution that also saves time and hassle.

Car Transport (or Shipping) – The term used to describe the process of physically moving or shipping a vehicle as freight, typically from the seller of an auto to its buyer. Also, for individuals who are moving from one place to another.

Car Carrier – A trailer that can be loaded with multiple vehicles, for delivery to sales agencies and other client requested destinations.

Co-loading – To load more than one automobile on a single transporter. This essentially reduces shipping costs for them and in turn, for the consumer.

Cut-off Time – This term denotes the absolute latest time a shipment can be delivered to its location.

Dealership Auto Transport – Specialized transport services, specifically made for the transporting of vehicles for dealerships. It takes into account the amount of vehicles to be shipped and time sensitivity regarding their delivery.

Delivery Network – The trucks, ships, and railroads of the automobile transport system.

Diversion – This term denotes the changing of the route for a shipment in transit.

Door-To-Door Auto Shipping – A term describing automobile pick-up and delivery from the customer’s current location (or front door) to the receiver’s final destination.

D.O.T.Department of Transportation; The Department of Transportation was established by an act of Congress on October 15, 1966. The D.O.T. oversees federal highway, air, railroad, and maritime and other transportation administration functions. (

Enclosed Car Hauler – Enclosed car haulers are generally used for shipments that demand protection from the elements. These expensive or rare hauls are loaded onto an enclosed semi-trailer, truck or rail car.

En Route – Denotes that a vehicle is in the course of its journey from its point of origin to a specified destination. In other words – the vehicle is on its one from one place to another.

FMCSAFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration; a governmental entity which assists the Feds in regulating laws, and it provides information for the States about new statutes and needs. It also offers a public database of information that details insurance and licensing information for automobile logistics service providers.

Freight – Transported goods and inventory.

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New/Finished Vehicle Logistics – Terminology used to describe management, planning, and shipping services for automobile transport for manufacturers and others in the auto industry.

P.O.D.Proof of Delivery; Documentation that showcases receipt of auto shipment.

Single Vehicle Shipping – A term used to denote the delivery of a single automobile from one destination to another.

Tracking – Following an auto shipment throughout its delivery process.

Vehicle Delivery – The process of moving an automobile from one point of origin to another.

Vehicle Logistics – A term used to describe the management, planning and transport within the auto industry; including methods of shipping – whether by freight, railways, or maritime.

Vehicle Logistics Company – Specialized service provider with the capacity to plan and manage auto transport services.

Vehicle Shipping – The transport or delivery of a vehicle, typically from the seller of an auto to a buyer.

Vehicle Transport – The process of physically shipping a car – otherwise known as moving a vehicle as freight.

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