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Once you have decided to detail your car and not just give it an occasional clean, you will want to do some research on who provides the best service. A good car detailing firm should deal with water stains, swirls, dust and grime, fingerprints on glass and mirrors, road tar spots and minor stone chips having caused damage to your paintwork. They should also clean and seal the glass and apply polish to your car.

You might want to have an emphasis placed on the interior of your car, have odours removed, if your dog has left a pong or if your children have made a smelly mess on the rear seat.

How Long does the Service take?

Typically the service will take at least four hours but may take a whole day, if a lot of work is required.

Car Detailing is Expensive!

If you are used to paying just a few pounds for a car washing service, paying for car detailing may seem expensive, but if you consider how much time out of your busy day you would have to spend to do all those essential jobs yourself, you will readily pay the money to an expert, who will do a much better job than you every could.

The service may even be tax deductible, if your car is used for business services, but even if it isn’t, you should make sure that you prolong your car’s life by regular detailing, just as you would take it to a garage for regular maintenance.

How do I find a Car Detailing Companies?

Valet businesses are around for those who look for them, but the best initial course of action is to search online for firms in your area. Make a price comparison and see what is included in the service and ask how long it will take – if it takes a whole day, you may need to hire a car or arrange for the service to take place when you have a day off and don’t need the car for work.


Don’t be shy to ask questions. You want to know that everything is included that will benefit you and your car in the long term as well as in the short term. Establishing a good relationship with a detailing firm you intend to use often is a good idea. You may be in a rush to have your vehicle cleaned for a special occasion, or to sell it or for a number of other reasons.

Good clients, who recommend a company to others, are worth their weight in gold, so your valet service carrying out the detailing on your car will be happy to help out your friends. You may be able to arrange for a special discount, if you are able to pass on other custom to them, for example if all the cars in your company use them as well.

Car detailing is a necessary evil, if you want to prolong the life and therefore the value of your car. A vehicle is an investment, not just a set of wheels taking you from A to B. Why do you need to detail your car? To protect your investment, just like you would move your money to a higher paying interest account in a bank!

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