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The other day, after offering up a steel and chrome-colored ode to what is in our opinion the penultimate muscle car (aka the 1970 Plymouth Fury), it occurred us that some of you might not know what the product offering the Fury had been only fifth of part of actually was, so we dug this up to explain. Plymouth’s “Rapid Transit System.”  was what they called a: Total concept in high-performance transportation, and what I’d call a pretty darn brilliant cross-promotional marketing formula. It offered American’s dwindling population of muscle car enthusiasts a slate of hot vehiclesincluding the “Sleeper” Duster 340, the six-barrel 440 equipped Sport Fury GT,  the ‘Cuda – in five (yes that said five) versions ranging from one fitted out with a 275 hp 383 to a so-called 425 hp Hemi ‘Cuda that came with a quivering exposed cold air grabber, the GTX and of course the reliable Road Runner.

Each one is a complete high-performance car. With suspension, brakes, driveline and tires to match, (The system doesn’t allow for a car that won’t corner or stop or stand up under the strain when you stand on it.) Rapid Transit System Brochure

But the Rapid Transit System also offered them more, a ready-made hot car culture, in form of access to an information network of Plymouth people dedicated to high-performance, trick parts and the demands of racing. If you bought into the System, you could get inside info from Plymouth re how to tune and modify your car, which equipment you should use, and learn how to set it up for racing. You were also buying easier access to high-performance parts (special cams, manifolds, pistons, bearings, etc.) through nationwide Plymouth parts centers.  And you’d get to meet and pal around with some the era’s top names in racing during touring Super Car clinics and heats at “sanctioned” strips. Comparing it to mere cars. You almost had to come to the conclusion you couldn’t beat it—and join it.

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