How Do Car Dealerships Deliver Cars?

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Car dealerships play a pivotal role in the automotive industry, connecting car manufacturers and consumers. Traditionally, consumers would visit a few dealerships, explore available makes and models, take a test drive, purchase the vehicle and drive it home. However, with technological advancements, dealerships have adapted to meet evolving customer expectations.

Online car buying and delivery are trending, with dealerships increasingly providing home delivery options. This article highlights the process, answering common questions about how dealerships transport cars to customers.

Do car dealerships offer delivery services? 

Recently, many car dealerships have started offering home delivery services to their customers. This contact-free option shifted the shopping experience. Customers can now browse available models and buy online, then receive the car at their doorstep.

Who needs their car shipped?

Many dealerships offer shipping services to their local customers. Sometimes home delivery is already included in the sale price of a new vehicle or offered as an additional perk. 

Car shipping is also ideal for customers who don’t live in the same market as the dealership they purchase from. Instead of requiring shoppers to pick up their vehicles, dealers will hire a driver or transport company to deliver the car to the buyer’s location. This option may be pricier than in-person pickup, but it offers great convenience and peace of mind.

What is the car dealership delivery process? 

Typically, car dealerships partner with third-party logistics companies like Montway Auto Transport that specialize in car shipping. This cost-effective service allows customers to have their cars delivered right to their home or office. 

The actual process is simple. The purchased vehicle will be loaded onto a truck or trailer and transported to the predetermined location. 

There are two primary car dealership delivery options:

  1. Open trailer auto transport: This is the most popular vehicle transport method. Open auto transport is a safe and efficient way to transport cars with its main advantage being speed and turnaround time. 
  2. Enclosed trailer auto transport: This option is ideal for buyers of classic, exotic or luxury cars, as well as other high-end vehicles or those with aftermarket modifications. Enclosed auto transport can help protect the vehicle from external elements such as severe weather, debris and other potential risks.

Can dealerships deliver cars out of state? 

Indeed, dealerships can deliver cars to other states. By looking beyond local markets, customers may find appealing deals. Some dealerships may even offer free shipping as a promotional incentive and negotiate discounted car shipping rates with third-party service providers.

What happens when the car is delivered?

When your car arrives at your home, you’ll simply sign the delivery documents. 

Experience hassle-free car delivery

Dealership home delivery has emerged as a significant trend in the automotive industry. Technological progress and the necessity for contactless solutions have made online car buying and delivery to your doorstep a reality. Whether you’re purchasing a classic car, luxury vehicle or a used sedan, various shipping options are available, including open and enclosed trailers.

Furthermore, dealerships can deliver cars out of state, giving you more options and helping you secure better deals. Therefore, consider the convenience and advantages of dealership delivery when planning your next car purchase.

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