Services you should Expect from a Luxury Service Repair Garage

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Services you should Expect from a Luxury Service Repair Garage

A reliable garage should be able to do minor and major repairs, automatic and manual transmission services, automatic air conditioning services, car foiling services, expert engine repair, implements the 10-point service checkup, chassis repair, accident repair such as scratches and dent removal, front and rear brake jobs, window tinting, mobile oil change, polishing and waxing, custom exhaust system, body kits, installing and painting and other jobs. Overall, full service for your luxury cars!

Choosing the right luxury automobile service garage is something to consider. Put in mind some important points when doing so. Service charges vary from one garage to another. So with all prices up, it is best to opt for the best deal; list down the services included, the price for each, so you can make comparisons of garages that you’ve scouted for. It would be nice to choose one that is a member of a trade association where you have access to conciliation in case you have complaints that need to be addressed, as accidental burning of your leather car seats, accidental tiny scratches, etc.

Try asking for recommendations from friends, colleagues as well as information on disreputable garages. Should you choose one, make sure a written quotation of the fixed prices or if not available, written estimates should be provided, and make sure that it also states the date as to when the job will be done, and if parts replacement is needed, how long will it take to order such replacement in case the part needed is not available. Make sure that they are given authority to do work beyond what was agreed upon if needed; consequently after the job, an invoice stating labor and materials and parts costs should be given also. You might also want to know if they accept checks or credit cards as payment, for your convenience.

A good point which should also be stressed is why a diagnostic job might be needed to address a problem with your automobile and also discuss possible incremental work and costs or expenses. If you are dependent on your automobile for work or family, a good garage may also offer a courtesy car, which with all stipulations agreed upon for its use, that you can drive temporarily while waiting for yours to be made available.

Knowing your rights as a customer and a consumer is a must. And once you have your automobile repaired at the garage, you have entered into a contract covered by the laws of Supply of Goods and Services as provisioned in your area. This includes delivery of the automobile in good condition, and on time, repaired competently, with original or quality parts used for replacement and charged reasonably. Moreover, a good garage should give a complimentary health check – interior inspection, seatbelts, mountings, fault diagnosis, switch and controls, heater blower, air-con operation, heating and ventilation operation, seatbelt condition or operation, and other inspection, with every visit, after delivery. This is usually written or given as a certificate.

With all the given tips, one should not just trust any garage for that matter. Carefully consider the fact that you must be assured of receiving the best of service and professional expertise for your luxury car.