Once you have decided on an auto transport company to move your car, the next step is to prepare the car itself for transporting. It is very important to have your car ready to ship on your first available date as this will make it easier on you and the car mover to inspect the car.

Preparing a car for shipping steps.
Get your car ready before it gets loaded onto the car carrier truck.

Prepare your car for moving and inspection. What to do?

  1. The first thing to do is to thoroughly inspect your car. While there are several ways to do the inspection the best recommended way is to clean the exterior of your car. You can wash it and then wipe it clean. By doing this you will be able to notice even the smallest marks and little damages on the car’s exterior if there are any. In case you find your car with any marks or damages note them down. You can even take pictures of the markings and the damages for reference. This is because you will also inspect your vehicle at delivery. If your vehicle is being transported by open car carrier truck then it will go through the same conditions just as if you had driven it to the destination yourself.  This means that car will be exposed to weather elements such as  dust, rain and snow among others. More importantly though is that you will spare the mileage and the tear and wear involved with long distance driving.
  2. The second thing to do is to check your car’s interior and remove any after market or custom product available. This is very important for the safety of these car additions. Most auto transport companies don’t always do the interior inspection of the cars they are shipping. In fact, they are not liable for any loss or damage that happens to vehicle’s interior. So it is advisable that you remove your GPS, DVD player and other detachable systems installed in your car’s interior. Remember not to pack any of your belongings inside the car as items stored inside during transportation can damage the interior and the insurance do not cover those damages.
  3. Next, check if your car is in good working condition. If not, take it to a auto mechanic and try to resolve any problems as much as it is possible. Check the tires and the battery and make sure they are all in good condition.  If your car has special features like in the case of convertibles make sure you prepare it for loading and offloading by securing its top properly. At this point you are also advised to disable your vehicle’s alarm system because it can easily go on while in transit.

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Finally your car is set to go but before it goes it is recommended that you take a picture of it from different angles for reference. Once the car is delivered you need to again do proper inspection along with the trucker. Make sure you check everywhere and then sign the inspection report and the driver will release the car. Now that you know how to prepare your car, get to work and make sure you follow these basic steps. If you have any other car shipping questions and need more car moving tips you can always browse through our car shipping tips section or call our agents.

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