Steps to Prepare your Car for Shipping

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You may be ready to have your car shipped, but is your vehicle ready for the road ahead? Once you have confirmed your shipment with an auto transport company, you’ll want to ensure your vehicle is cleaned and prepared for the journey.

Why you should wash your car and remove valuables to prepare your car for auto transport

It’s very important to have your car ready to ship on your scheduled pickup date for a variety of reasons:

  • Easier for inspection. Prior to taking off for the trip, the driver is required to inspect the vehicle, checking for existing scratches, dents and other damage. A clean car will allow the driver to quickly and easily identify markings.
  • Prevents interior damage. Additionally, unsecured personal items inside the car could shift and move around in transit, causing unforeseen damage to the vehicle’s interior. 

How to prepare your vehicle for shipment

These recommended steps will help you ensure your vehicle is in the best shape ahead of transport.

  1. Clean the exterior of the car. This will make it easier to identify existing scratches, dents, rips, etc. 
  2. When the carrier is picking up your car, perform a detailed inspection of the exterior of the car. Take photographs of any present marks and take notes. This way, you can spot any damage incurred during shipment.
  3. Remove any valuables you normally keep in your car. Most auto transport companies don’t perform an interior inspection and aren’t liable for loss or damage that occurs inside the vehicle.
  4. Check that your car is in good working condition. 
  5. No fluids should be leaking. If the car has any leaks or mechanical issues, take it in to get fixed if you have the time. If not, be sure the car transporter knows of these problems. Though your car will be driven minimally during the process, it should be in proper driving condition, as mechanical problems may cause delays in transport and could lead to costly vehicle damage
  6. Run your fuel tank down to a quarter full. Electric vehicles should have a fully charged battery. 

Once the car is delivered to its destination, you and the driver will both perform another inspection. Make sure you check the exterior before signing the inspection report, which gives the driver permission to release the car to you. 

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