How Dealers Can Help Hurricane Ian Victims Find a Car

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As Hurricane Ian tore through Southwest Florida and South Carolina, storm surges and wind left catastrophic impacts behind in areas like Fort Myers Beach. Homes were wiped out and vehicles were flooded. Car dealerships and auctions also took a hit, which left behind a lack of resources to purchase replacement models of transportation in the aftermath of this devastating storm.

But in a world where technology is at our fingertips, there are new ways car dealers can help storm victims, even if they’re out of your local or even state market. Dealerships can leverage inventory management technology to source the vehicle makes and models most needed and even eliminate the need for victims of Hurricane Ian to leave their homes or shelter to shop and receive the vehicles. Here’s how to customize car shopping for Hurricane Ian victims.

Give shoppers space

Car buying is already stressful and it’s critical to remember victims of catastrophic events are already overwhelmed. Give your shoppers time and space to find a car. Even if they are car shopping online or over the phone, make gentle suggestions on the type of vehicle that may best suit their needs. Whether they are in your showroom or online (even out of state), providing compassionate and personable service goes a long way in building and maintaining relationships with customers.

Make inventory adjustments

Transportation affects nearly every aspect of our lives, especially families with children, commuters and people with disabilities and chronic illnesses. To find a replacement vehicle quickly, some shoppers may be searching for an affordable used car to make it through until insurance checks and disaster relief funds come in.

Inventory management tools, like M.A.P., allow auto dealerships to efficiently pick up and deliver units from auctions or other lots to quickly stock inventory. Once your order is in transit, you will receive real-time tracking information, knowing where your vehicles are and when they will arrive. This provides you—and your customers—with a clearer picture of what you have available.

Offer flexible financing

Historically, car makers step up to offer flexible payment arrangements for hurricane victims. To help those affected by Hurricane Ian, auto manufacturers like Toyota and Ford (Ford Fund) are offering payment relief to their customers. By providing your buyers with flexible financing, you’re removing the additional burden they are facing in a time of need.

home delivery from a car dealership with Montway

Provide home delivery

Dealerships that offer home delivery can help out-of-state shoppers quickly and efficiently receive a vehicle. With Montway’s Home Delivery widget, dealers can add instant car shipping costs and delivery timeframes to their vehicle detail pages. This makes the car shopping experience both convenient and stress-free as the concern about getting to the dealership to pick up the vehicle is eliminated. Visit to learn more about Montway’s residential delivery solution.

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Help victims of Hurricane Ian
In times of disaster, we all can extend a helping hand. Show your support by visiting The American Red Cross website or your favorite charitable organization to aid hurricane Ian relief efforts.

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