car shipping pick upEveryone knows that they shouldn’t drive their car without proper insurance, but you might not know that  one of the things you should take interest in when you’re looking for a vehicle shipping company is whether or not they’re covered by a cargo insurance policy. Having your automobile covered against various mishaps and damages will spare you a lot of trouble compared to foolishly putting your trust in an uninsured car transport company.

Check Before Hiring Car Carrier

  • Before having the selected company ship your car, you should acquire a copy of your transporter’s insurance policy.
  • Make sure your vehicle is properly insured against damage and theft.
  • Compare your shipping company’s insurance with your own in terms of priority in the case of damage during automobile transportation.
  • Be determined to have all guarantees and promises in writing, and also it might be of great help to see if the damage is deductible from the overall shipping costs.
  • Check the terms of your home policy in relationship with the terms of your car shipping company’s insurance. That information may prove useful in case of any incident.
  • Also, many auto moving companies don’t insure your personal articles that you would want to leave in your car. But your own insurance might, so this is a good example of why you should consult the terms and regulations of both types of insurances.
  • You should also find out if the insurance of your car shipping company is covering your vehicle during the time between transports. During this time, your radio might get stolen, or different factory accessories may become unusable or damaged.

In order to ensure yourself that you’ll have your car arriving at its destination in a flawless condition, you should put emphasis on the reliability and experience of your car transport company. Don’t disregard the importance of the right insurance when it comes to choosing the perfect transporter to ship your car to you across the country. Do your research and make sure you are shopping around for reliable auto transport company.

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Keep in mind that the moment you drop your car off at your auto transport company, the shipping truck driver and a representative of the company will closely examine the car for any pre-existing damage. Note that you must be present during this process and even take some photos of your car’s body to serve as evidence in case of any occurring damage during transportation. This process repeats itself after your vehicle is dropped off at the final destination.

Check your car thoroughly to compare any visible signs of damage to those highlighted in the condition report. Notify your car shipping company in case you find any irregularities and mismatches. If your car is being returned to you at night, you should still inspect your automobile  under bright lights to make sure you didn’t miss a scratch or two.

If you do find signs of damage that have occurred during transportation, write them down on the condition report, and have the driver sign it and send it directly to your vehicle shipment company to ask for reimbursement. Read how to prepare your car for shipping tips to help yourself and the car transporter ease the process. Montway Auto Transport has additional information about their cargo insurance policy and practices in their FAQ page.

Don’t overlook these auto transport insurance (cargo carrier insurance) guidelines as these simple steps will prevent any complications that might take place during the car transportation process.

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