How a Car Shipping Pick Up Should Be

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How a Car Shipping Pick Up Should Be

If you have never shipped a car before, you probably have no idea what to expect. For one, your car is a big part of your life. It gets you from point A to point B, and it can be hard to simply hand it over to someone else. However, when you choose a reputable transport company to ship your car, those worries should be subdued a bit.

That’s because they know exactly what to do to ensure your car is safe and sound from pick up to delivery. If you are wondering what that entails, just take a look at this in-depth video of a great auto transport pick up.

  1. Trucker and customer are inspecting the vehicle before loading and condition is recorded on the Bill of Lading
  2. Trucker carefully prepares the truck for loading
  3. Customer’s vehicle is slowly loaded onto the truck by the driver
  4. Vehicle is strapped down to the truck and secured
  5. Customer watches as their vehicle is safely taken away

Take a look for yourself, and when it’s time for your car to be picked up, make sure it is properly loaded and secured.

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