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What is Terminal-to-Terminal shipping?

Terminal-to-Terminal means the customer is responsible for dropping off a vehicle at a terminal closest to the pickup location and then also responsible for picking it up at a terminal closet to the delivery location. Terminal-to-terminal shipping typically takes at least twice as long as Door-to-Door shipping because a vehicle must wait at one or more terminal locations until there are enough vehicles to fill out a truck. A vehicle is also more likely to be moved on and off trucks which is where damage most frequently occurs (loading and unloading). With door-to-door transport the same truck and driver will pickup and delivery your vehicle as close as legally and safely possible to your pickup and delivery address. Montway only offers Door-to-Door service. If you have a rural pickup or delivery location you can meet a trucker near an interstate or larger city to save considerable cost over what would normally be a higher rate for a rural pickup or delivery.

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