How do I Find an Auto Shipping Company, Not a Broker

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The right auto shipping company will safely transport vehicles from one location to the next. This is not easy task since vehicles are incredibly large and valuable pieces of cargo. Experienced brokers know which drivers and groups to work with when looking for competitive auto transport quotes. After all, this job will not be done for free. Speak only to professionals who know this industry if you want to ensure that your car or vehicle is in safe hands. The following are some reasons to work with a professional who knows the auto transport industry and can find you a reliable car transporter for your vehicle.

Find a trustworthy auto shipping company

The Experts

First off, experts will know where to look when it comes to car transporters. This is not as simple as advertising on the Internet or conducting a quick Internet search. Many car haulers or truckers are not marketing their services online. Most car transporting groups are small in scale and only have a few vehicles on site. Thus, their operations are small. A professional in the car transport world will know where to go when it comes time to find reliable drivers ready for the job. Such experts can save a person a lot of time and energy.

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Why Hire An Auto Shipping Expert?

The right expert will have relationships with key car shipping companies and drivers in the auto transport community. This means that he or she will then be able to negotiate the lowest possible prices and quickest routes for one’s auto transport needs. Even if an individual talked directly with a driver, the prices or quotes would most likely be nowhere near what an expert or broker could obtain. This happens because the broker is no doubt siphoning a lot of business to this driver. Thus, the relationship is one that lends itself to a lower price than one would normally find.

What To Look For

Lastly, an expert is someone who knows the ins and outs of the car transporter business. Thus, this broker will know the reputations of both new and old drivers. Cars are expensive pieces of equipment. Thus, only the best truckers in the field should take on the task of transporting a valuable vehicle. Experts will only hire professional drivers who have a spotless driving record, valid licenses, and insurance that specializes in this kind of transport. This is more than having a driver’s license. Instead, it means that the driver in charge of this transport will have a license with FMCSA and US DOT and will be covered in every way possible in case there is an accident or emergency.

Why You Need A Broker

An auto transport industry insider will have more resources to work with than the common user looking for a transportation company. You may not think you need a broker, but you should know that using such a professional is one of the best ways to find a reliable or credible transport group. Why pay more just because you did not consult a broker? A professional in this world will know who to talk to so that you do not have to pay more than possible for car transporting service. By using a car shipping broker like Montway, you can be sure that your vehicle or cargo is definitely in safe hands.

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