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Hiring an auto shipping broker will mean adding value to your time. It is not always easy to fish out a reliable auto carrier from the myriads of them available today. Researching on their reliability can be time consuming. You have to sit down for sometimes and search through the internet, reading many reviews in order to find a reliable auto carrier.

This is sometimes waste of valuable time and also not every consumer has the patience to go through this tedious process. If you want to save time and money, hiring an auto broker is the best option. This will save you from the stress associated with researching all auto carriers you have found.

Auto Carrier vs. Auto Broker

  • Most auto carriers serve certain number of locations / routes that they can transport cars to. It will be hard to find an auto carrier that can transport cars to any location in the US. If you want to hire an auto carrier by yourself, you will find it difficult to discover one with a terminal in a near by area. This is not a difficult assignment for a broker though. Brokers already know how many car shipping carriers serve this area and the locations they are going.  Thus, the broker can easily negotiate for you.
  • The auto shipping carriers are the owners of the trailers that are used in shipping the cars. They are the real owners of the business. Some of the giants in the industry have agents that bring client to them and they pay the agents commission.
  • So, when you hire an auto carrier, you are dealing directly with the owners of the business. What this means that if you know how to negotiate very well, you will surely get a good deal from the company. In other words, it is an affordable means of transporting your car.
  • There is competition among auto carriers today and most auto carriers offer a number of promotions and discounts to their clients. Therefore you can take advantages of the situation in getting a good deal.
  • Auto carriers do not transport only cars. They can also transport other motor vehicles. So, if you have a number of things to take to your new place such as boat, motorcycle you can also get them transported easily.
  • It is possible that your local carrier has no route in your new location and so, you have to sweat it out in getting a carrier that has route in your location. You will also spend some time in finding  a reliable car transport company company.

Auto Broker Drawbacks

We have looked at the advantages of hiring an auto broker, but how about the drawbacks?

  • One of the major disadvantages of hiring an auto broker is that their services are expensive. This is because they will also want to profit. Definitely, they will be adding a fee on top of what the auto carrier charges them.
  • Secondly, since the auto broker is an intermediary, getting feedback on the status of the vehicle may be difficult sometimes. You cannot track the status from the broker’s site, but you can always call the carrier as the broker will send you all the contacts.
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