The 13 Best Sites to Buy & Sell Used Cars Online in 2023

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Buying a used car has become easier than ever thanks to an abundance of online resources and the explosion of app-based car-buying services. Many of the newer services act as a one-stop shop to buy cars directly and have them delivered, providing a more streamlined buying process. To keep up with the shifting market, many auto dealerships have overhauled their online shopping platforms for a more positive buying experience that includes home delivery.

Buyers aren’t the only ones benefiting from this shift in the used car market. Sellers are also flocking to used car sites to get a good price for their vehicles. 

The best websites to buy and sell used cars on:

  • AutoTempest
  • AutoTrader
  • Bring-A-Trailer
  • CarGurus
  • CarMax
  • Carvana
  • Craigslist
  • eBay Motors
  • Edmunds
  • Hemmings
  • TrueCar
  • Vroom

If you have a car to sell you may be wondering where to list it. There are tons of websites that cater to different sellers’ needs, so finding the best used car website can be tricky. Here are some of our favorite used car websites for buyers, along with some other sites where sellers can unload cars and trucks quickly.  


AutoTempest aggregates a massive selection of used cars from millions of listings across multiple sites. Buyers go to AutoTempest to find cars from all the biggest used car sites like, Carvana and TrueCar, plus private sellers from places like eBay and Craigslist. 

They cater to the buyer looking for the most options in one place. We included AutoTempest on this list because they’re able to capture all the results in one search, saving you time and helping you find your ideal used vehicle.

Car sellers also benefit from AutoTempest’s wide reach across multiple car-buying platforms. Read the complete AutoTempest Guide to learn more. 

Pros & Cons of AutoTempest


  • User-friendly interface
  • Expansive selection for car buyers


  • Some vehicle details are incomplete
  • Transactions aren’t completed on this site


AutoTrader is popular with both car buyers and sellers because of its powerful search tools. Sellers like the fact that some listing packages come with a money-back guarantee (no sale, no charge) and listings are syndicated on Kelley Blue Book. There’s also the option to sell to a dealership for a faster sale or even to get an instant cash offer on the site. If a speedy sale is more important to you than getting top dollar, AutoTrader is one of the sites that make it easy to unload a vehicle fast. 

Autotrader has also partnered with Kelley Blue Book to provide an excellent price advisor tool that helps bring clarity and open communication to the buying process.

Pros & Cons of AutoTrader


  • Powerful search feature
  • Money-back guarantee for sellers


  • Financing is not available for buyers


Bring-A-Trailer caters to used car sellers and buyers looking for more rare and specialized cars. Inventory includes everything from souped-up sports cars to rare antiques. It’s an auction site, but buyers pay most of the fees while sellers just pay a single $99 fee for the listing. If you’re selling a vintage vehicle or something special, there are some good reasons to choose this site. First, it gets a lot of traffic; second, that traffic is mostly made up of passionate people who are actively looking to buy. Interested in buying or selling a classic car? Check out our Bring-A-Trailer guide to learn more about how to use this site to its full potential.

Pros & Cons of Bring-A-Trailer


  • Good selection of rare vehicles
  • High volume of traffic


  • Auction-style bidding, prices unpredictable
  • Postings are only for rare/special vehicles, not everyday-use cars

This site remains the gold standard for auto sales because they syndicate their listings so widely and they have a huge inventory. When you sell a car on through either the free listing option or one of the paid options, your listing may be included on their other properties (,, and and on affiliate sites. They also offer sellers the option of making quick sales to dealers, so if you need to move your vehicle fast, you can.  

A word of advice: While the site’s huge inventory is an obvious pro for buyers, it can be a challenge for sellers to stand out from the crowd. You’re likely to have the most success with a model that’s in high demand. For less popular vehicles, it’s helpful to use high-quality photos that will catch buyers’ attention. 

Pros & Cons of


  • Large inventory for buyers
  • Syndicated network to promote quick sales


  • Difficult for sellers to stand out in huge inventory


This is another site that lets sellers create listings for free, though be aware that if you sell your vehicle via the listing, you’ll be charged $99 regardless of the purchase price. Lots of buyers come to this site—20 million per month—because of CarGurus’ unique deal rating feature.

Every listing is assigned a deal rating that can range from great to overpriced, so if you’re trying to get top dollar for your ride and you’re not willing to adjust your price, this might not be the best place to post your listing. However, if you are offering a good deal for your used car you can easily reach a huge number of potential buyers through CarGurus. 

Pros & Cons of CarGurus


  • Sellers can create listings for free
  • High buyer traffic


  • With deal rating, sellers may not be able to get top dollar 


Shop a large, nationwide used car inventory, then buy online or at a location near you. Their detailed search filters make it easy to find what you’re looking for. 

For sellers, CarMax will give you a real offer for your vehicle online. Actually completing a sale with CarMax, however, will require you to go to one of their stores for an in-person appraisal of your vehicle. As is the case with almost all the sites that buy cars, you’ll probably get less for your ride than you would if you sold it directly to an individual buyer. But the upside is that you will leave CarMax with a check in hand, and they’ll be the ones handling all the necessary paperwork.  

Pros & Cons of CarMax


  • Detailed search filters
  • Easy process for selling car


  • Sellers must complete the process in person
  • Trade-in offers are typically low


This is another one of the car-buying sites that combines a convenient shopping experience with home delivery services. Carvana sells used cars right on their website and delivers anywhere in the U.S. Buyers also have the option to pick up vehicles in one of the company’s car vending machines. 

Sellers also like Carvana, which like many of the sites above, buys cars and trucks. If you sell to Carvana, the process is fast and easy, and they’ll come with a truck to hand off a check and cart your vehicle away. 

Pros & Cons of Carvana


  • Buying process includes home delivery
  • Home pickup of vehicle for sellers


  • Prices may be slightly higher than other used car dealers


The big, obvious benefit of selling a car on Craigslist is that you can create a hyper-local, photo-rich listing for free and make a no-stress sale without having to worry about coordinating car transport with a faraway buyer. That said, selling your car or truck may take longer because you’re not putting it in front of a nationwide audience of buyers. It’s up to you whether the convenience of selling locally is worth waiting for. 

Pros & Cons of Craigslist


  • Convenience of local market
  • Sellers can get top dollar


  • Car sales may be slower with smaller market
  • Scammers and shady characters abound

eBay Motors

If you’re already familiar with how selling on eBay works, then listing your vehicle on eBay Motors might be a great option for you. Setting up listings is simple and listing fees are reasonable, making eBay Motors an accessible choice if you want to sell your car locally (and if you want to help a faraway buyer coordinate car transport, Montway makes it easy.)

Are there downsides to listing on eBay? The biggest downside may be that bids are non-binding, so a buyer can back out for any reason at any point in the process. However, many sellers find that the ease of listing and inexpensive fees outweigh these drawbacks. 

Pros & Cons of eBay Motors


  • Listings are reasonable and easy to set up
  • Buyers can find unique vehicles


  • Not all sellers are reputable, need to watch for scams
  • Buyers can back out of the sale for any reason


Edmunds is a trusted source in the car-buying industry, offering side-by-side comparisons of different vehicles, buying guides and connections to dealers around the country. Find fair prices and incentives on your car of choice as well as exclusives and extras, and get the best deal possible when you find your dream car.

Pros & Cons of Edmunds


  • Reputable, long-standing company
  • Various tools for new car buyers


  • The comparison tool only applies to new cars
  • Vehicle history reports are not free


Hemmings is where buyers who are looking specifically for classic and collector cars go to buy. So if that’s what you’re selling, this site is worth exploring. Hemmings is super popular with classic car enthusiasts, and they’re not kidding when they say a listing, which will be published online and in print in Hemmings Motor News, can reach millions of buyers. The best part is that these buyers love cars and usually know exactly what they want. For example, if you’re selling a Porsche 911, you’ll attract buyers who love that car as much as you do. If you need to ship your recent purchase to your home or other location, consider classic car transport.

Pros & Cons of Hemmings


  • Comprehensive selection of classic cars
  • Huge subscriber base


  • Buying and selling fees


TrueCar’s mission is to add transparency to the buying process. They analyze timely and comprehensive pricing information from dealers and then publish it in an easy-to-understand format. Armed with that data, used car shoppers can approach TrueCar Certified Dealers with confidence, knowing they have what they need to get a great price. 

Shop from nearly one million pre-owned vehicles nationwide including cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and convertibles, each with their own condition report summary so you know exactly what you’re buying. TrueCar excels in giving the buyer a complete picture of the current used car marketplace. 

For used car sellers, the platform offers a friendly interface for entering vehicle information and getting a True Cash Offer™ from a local dealer. 

Pros & Cons of TrueCar


  • Impressive selection of pre-owned vehicles
  • Friendly user interface for used car sellers


  • Phone number required resulting in multiple calls
  • Model availability may be limited


This is another one of the car-buying sites that has made spending weekends browsing dealerships a thing of the past. Much like Carvana, the company sells cars right on its website and delivers the cars it sells anywhere in the U.S. It also caters to sellers looking for that quick sale. You tell them about your car or truck, they make an offer in 30 minutes or less, and if you accept that offer, they’ll come to pick up your vehicle and pay you for it via a direct deposit.  

Pros & Cons of Vroom


  • All-in-one service for purchase and delivery
  • Competitive prices for car sellers 


  • Nonrefundable delivery fee

Dealership websites

Car dealerships have noticed the influx of car-buying sites and apps on the market, and they’ve responded by delivering an upgraded shopping experience on their own websites. Many car dealerships offer comprehensive search functions and detailed information on their inventory, including estimates on home delivery. Even if home delivery isn’t an option, you can still buy a new or pre-owned vehicle from a dealership anywhere in the country and have the car shipped to your location with the help of an auto transport company like Montway. Calculating the cost of shipping your car is easy with our car shipping quote calculator.

Car transport after an online sale

Long-distance car buying is more popular than ever, which means cars are being shipped across the country every day. Montway Auto Transport makes it easy to get a used vehicle to its new home. With 15 years of experience in the auto shipping industry, we know how to ship cars easily and efficiently. Montway is responsible for over 800,000 satisfied customers since our start in 2007. Whether you’re buying a used car for yourself, or you’re a car reseller that needs to transport vehicles, Montway can help.
Learn more at, get an instant quote or call us at 888-666-8929

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