Auto Shipping Rates: How much does it cost to ship a car?

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If you find yourself in need of auto transport services, you’ll probably look first at the auto shipping rate to move the vehicle. This rate can vary, depending on how far you’re moving it and the value of the vehicle. The fee may also go up if you select an enclosed truck versus an open transport option. When looking at the auto shipping rate, it’s important to consider the factors that impact this rate before making a decision.

Despite the fact that cars are designed for transport, ironically millions of cars are being transported each year across the U.S. and the world. Many people love their cars, and whenever they have to relocate, they have to think about transporting their cars as well. The first question people usually ask when thinking of shipping their car is “how much does it cost to ship a car?” The most common answer they will get is “it depends.” 

Car transport costs vary greatly, and the car shipping price depends on many different factors. The price of transporting a car also varies among different car shipping companies and states. 

Below we take a look at the most common questions people ask about the car shipping price and do our best to answer them for you: 

What is the typical auto shipping rate?

There are a few different factors affecting auto transport prices, so you should do some thorough price shopping for the best auto transport company and rates for you. Depending on the type of transportation you require, and the distance you are traveling, the auto shipping rate will vary. Today, the fluctuating gas prices further affect the cost of the shipment. 

Major factors affecting car shipping prices are: 

  • Whether you prefer open car transport or enclosed car shipping 
  • Whether your final destination is a rural village or a big city 
  • The make and model of the vehicle 
  • Whether the car is running or not running 

Shipping your car from Boston to Chicago, or from New York to LA, will definitely come at a different rate. Knowing all of these details and major elements that affect the car shipping rates will help you understand the auto transport process and price formation. 

Another big factor affecting the shipping rates is the season. The ‘snowbird’ season, for example, changes auto transport rates from the North to the South. When winter approaches prices from the Midwest and North to the South tend to increase. However, in the spring, these prices go down and the opposite direction costs more. At the beginning of March, the prices from Florida and the other Southern states go up rapidly as all the snowbirds are coming back home for the summer. For more detail on the seasons and snowbirds, take a look at our page dedicated to snowbirds Florida car shipping. 

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How do car shipping rates vary by company? 

Often you will find that car shipping companies have a different auto shipping rate. Auto transporters take all of the above factors into consideration and apply them to the final cost. Certainly, all car shipping companies want to offer convenience and efficiency to their customers. Even still, be ready to do some research in order to find a reliable auto transporter that will fit your individual budget. Nowadays you can easily find auto transport companies onlineso contact them and get car shipping quotes instantly. If you want to find the best rate, you will have to contact a few different auto transporters. It is good to compare as many vehicle transport quotes as possible in order to gain the big picture of the average car shipping price. 

What are domestic auto shipping rates? 

Shipping your car within the continental U.S. is easy since there are so many auto transporters traveling across the country every day. The most important thing for every customer though is the car shipping cost and approximate time it will take to deliver your vehicle. As stated earlier, an auto shipping rate will vary based on many factors, but we can still give you some average prices. To give you an idea of the car shipping rates, we have listed prices for some major locations. Remember that these are average prices. To receive an accurate quote based on your individual needs, use our car shipping prices calculator or call our auto relocation specialist at 888-666-8929. 

  • Chicago to Boston – $850 
  • Chicago to Washington, D.C. – $700 
  • Chicago to New York – $700 
  • Chicago to Denver, CO – $1000 
  • Chicago to Miami – $900 
  • Chicago to Los Angeles – $1000 
  • Chicago to San Francisco – $1,050 
  • Chicago to Dallas – $850 
  • Chicago to Houston – $910 
  • New York to Los Angeles – $1,250 
  • Boston to San Francisco –  $1,200 
  • Boston to Miami – $1000 

All the rates above are for a small SUV and often vary by company as well as by the season – these particular rates are calculated for January 2019. If you are shipping your car to a smaller city that is not in a major metro area, prices may increase. Major cities, like the ones listed above, are frequent routes for most auto transporters. If they have to deliver a car to a rural area, it will likely be more expensive. Transporting to a remote town means that the driver has to go off the main road, which is more miles and time, and consequently more expensive. Shop around to find the best car shipping quote, but don’t forget to check the auto transporter reliability. 

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When you’re planning to transport your vehicle, compare the factors included in your auto shipping rate as you decide which company to trust the process of shipping a car across the country.

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