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Factors That Affect Your Auto Transport Cost

Rate Variables Explained


Mileage and Range

Determined by mileage, relative to range (long or short). Longer distances run less per mile.

  • Truckers make money when they're on the road hauling cars.
  • Shorter distances mean more time spent picking up loads, instead of on the road.


Metro or Rural

Impacts the number of truckers traveling to the location. Transport to less populated areas will increase your rate.

  • Higher-populated locations have more truckers transporting vehicles to and through those areas along that route.
  • Rural Locations require higher rates, as truckers are required to go out of their way for either pickup or delivery.


Operable or Inoperable

Transporting non-drivable vehicles increases your rate.

  • An operable car can be driven onto a truck.
  • Non-operable vehicles must still roll, brake, and steer.
  • Additional accommodation is necessary for non-rolling vehicles.

Make & Model

Weight, Space, and Handling

Determined by Type, Size, and Model.

  • Truckers must keep in mind the total weight they can carry and space available on their truck.
  • Longer and/or taller vehicles must be accommodated in certain space or sizes of trucks.

Transport Type

Open or Enclosed

Open Transport is standard and does not affect your rate. Enclosed Transport minimum 25% higher rate.

  • Enclosed transport provides an extra level of protection for vehicles that need special care.
  • Recommended for cars worth $50,000+, classic or collector cars not regularly driven.


Route Popularity

Market fluctuations based on seasonal demand affect route popularity.

  • Market fluctuates based on seasonal and location (city and state) supply and demand along routes.
  • Direction of travel affects rates, as market demand can be higher or lower one way.

Special Vehicle Considerations

Additional accommodations may be necessary for the following conditions. Please tell your booking agent and we'll make appropriate arrangements.

  • Modified vehicles
  • Height over 7 ft.
  • Ground clearance under 4 inches
  • Non-rolling vehicles
  • Multiple-vehicle moves

Special Options/Extras

Top-Load Guarantee

You can request to have your car loaded on the top level of double-decker trucks (usually $75 extra).
Note: A trailer with a single deck is still considered top load as it guarantees there will be no car above yours.

Guaranteed Pickup

Determining if you need your vehicle picked up ON or BY a specific date (and/or time) will determine the additional cost involved to accommodate your time frame. Please call and speak with an agent to arrange a customized quote.

Expedited Shipping

If you need your car shipped fast, you will pay a premium, but this is because a trucker will be rearranging his or her route and schedule. Learn more.

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